Brickwork Restoration provides a number of specialised services covering domestic and commercial projects, from minor/major crack and mortar repair to full home and building restoration to “near new” presentation in brick, masonry and stone utilising cement and traditional lime mortars as required.

We are skilled in both heritage and modern mortar finishes, from round and flat raked joins to intricate tuckpoint lines. From steps, to walls, to chimneys, from rising damp rectification, removal of paint, replacement or repair of broken or missing stone or brick we should be able to assist you.

Heritage Facade Tuckpoitning

Recent High Profile Heritage Facade Tuckpointing Restoration

Our workmanship and techniques for Tuckpointing and Repointing of the Heritage Brickwork Facades listed below was supervised and approved from the start to the finish by high profile Heritage Architectural companies and the National Trust / Heritage Victoria.

Our history shows we have the infrastructure, staff and experience to undertake Tuckpointing and Repointing projects from the small Californian bungalow fronts to the largest of commercial building Tuckpointing or Repointing restorations.

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Colour Match Incorrect Bricks

Heritage Listed HouseHeritage Listed House

Incorrect bricks were used on the addition, we colored, re Tuck Pointed the whole. As shown you would never know there was a different brick use.

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Rake/Re Point

Rake/Re PointNew Home with issues.

This new home was built using the wrong coloured mortar and incorrect tooling of the mortar joint.

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Helifix approved dealer


“Customer Satisfaction is our goal. When we are awarded a contract it is the policy of this company and our onsite staff to produce a finished product that is 2nd to no-one in excellence.

Brickwork Restoration will do it better because we do care about the client, our work quality and the end result of the work that we are doing.”

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