The 4 Main Causes of Brick and Mortar Cracking

What are the 4 Main Causes of Brick and Mortar Cracking? This infographic by Melbourne tuckpointing experts Brickwork Restoration will explain why brick and mortar cracking occurs.

The 4 Main causes of brickwork and mortar cracking

    • Foundation movement due to wet/dry months causing soil to shrink or expand
    • Support structure deflection
    • Arch failure
    • Thermal movement

How are brick and mortar cracks repaired?

The repair of these cracks through the mortar joint and often the brick on your home or building restoration itself can be costly and often have a short time frame before the crack reappears. The last thing the building restoration home/building owner needs is to have a dozen bricks that need replacing become 50 bricks that get replaced and paid for because of the brick repair persons inability to carry out the work correctly.

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