Heritage Brickwork Restoration: Windsor Station

This infographic details the heritage brickwork restoration of Windsor Station by Melbourne experts Brickwork Restoration. A case study covering the history, restoration process, and some fun facts!

Windsor Station was built in 1859, The station was the terminus for trains on the Brighton Beach line.

The Windsor train station Features polychrome brickwork, round arched windows, a truncated hip roof, eaves consoles and prominent chimney stacks. A capped brick wall and a footbridge supported on cast iron Egyptian style columns with decorative brackets.

The Heritage Brickwork Restoration

Windsor Station was in poor condition, having been left with very little maintenance over the last 50 years. The Hawthorn bricks were still in reasonable condition but the mortar had been severely washed out in some places, leaving the Tuck Pointing virtually non existent.

Firstly the atmospheric (train engine) grime, paint spots and `patch` repointing repair work from the brick face was painstakingly cleaned and removed. Next all of the mortar joints were raked/cut back. Finally, the joints were re filled with the appropriately colored base mortar (multiple) and Tuck Pointing was applied.

The restoration took around 6 months to complete. The chimney brickwork was dismantled, brick by brick, each brick was cleaned, then the chimneys were rebuilt exactly as they were (with new mortar and Tuck Pointing).

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