Brickwork Restoration provides a number of specialised services covering domestic and commercial projects, from minor/major crack and mortar repair to full home and building restoration to “near new” presentation in brick, masonry and stone utilising cement and traditional lime mortars as required.

We are skilled in both heritage and modern mortar finishes, from round and flat raked joins to intricate tuckpoint lines. From steps, to walls, to chimneys, from rising damp rectification, removal of paint, replacement or repair of broken or missing stone or brick we should be able to assist you.

Wash/Tuck Point

Middle Park Melbourne.

Grime Wash / Paint stripping / Heritage Tuckpointing and Repointing of brick mortar joints / Color Washes over the brick face / Matching in to existing Tuckpointing and Repointing / Approved Helifix Crack Repairer / The Repointing of new brickwork mortar joints to bring a new House/Building with non compliant mortar up to the Australian Std.

Crack Repair - Brick Wall Cracks

Robertson - 30 Fairmont Rd HawthornCrack repair service for extensive brick wall cracks.

30 Fairmont Rd Hawthorn was suffering from major brick wall cracks that gave the appearance that the home was about to collapse. Brickwork Restorations crack repair service repositioned and stabilised the cracked / dropped sections and cleaned up the brick wall cracks and raking back the mortar joints.

This houses rendered archways had moved causing the brick walls to crack and drop over the years and was in urgent need of brick crack repair.  In addition, the brick face had been dirtied from atmospheric grime, paint spots etc. and was in desperate need of a good brick clean.

Brickwork Restoration re-filled the mortar joints with the appropriately colored base mortar and applied the Tuck Pointing repairing the brick walls. Contact Brickwork Restoration for crack repair Melbourne and crack reapair Adelaide.  We are the leading brick crack repair company in Melbourne and Adelaide.

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Major Train Station Restoration

Major Train Station RenovationWindsor Train Station

The Brickwork here had been neglected for probably its life. 

We cleaned the atmospheric (train engine) grime, paint spots and other peoples `patch` repointing repair work from the brick face, raked/cut back all of the mortar joints, re filled them with the appropriately colored base mortar(multiple) and applied the Tuck Pointing.

This also required us to dismantle the chimney brickwork, brick by brick, clean those bricks, rebuild the chimneys exactly as they were, re point and Tuck Point them.

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Non Compliant Mortar Mix

Non Compliant Mortar MixNon Compliant Mortar Mix 

Modern and New Homes Brickwork mortar joints are often damaged from the cleaning of the brick face on completion of the bricklaying.

This occurs because the cleaning process used is too brutal and/or the bricks are often laid with a mortar that does not comply with the Australian Standards. It is Cement and/or Lime weak.

We rake/cut back all of the mortar joints, re fill them with a compliant mortar coloured and tool finished to the clients choice.

Our cleaning process creates zero to absolute minimal joint deterioration. The end result is generally a home with the best looking Brickwork in the street with a full 20 year warranty on the brickwork/mortar joints.

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Re Point to Match Addition

Re Point to Match Addition31 Canberra Grove, Brighton 

A home that is 30-40 years old that had an addition built on some 20 years previous where the mortar was never properly matched and where the Mortar joints on the original brickwork are typically worn back, cracked and fretting. 

We raked/cut back all of the original mortar joints, refilled them with mortar and a tooled finish that matched the newer brickwork.

Hand washing with clean running water as we went so again there was zero damage to the mortar joints from the cleaning process.

The result is a home that looks new and as if it was all built at the same time.

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Helifix approved dealer


“Customer Satisfaction is our goal. When we are awarded a contract it is the policy of this company and our onsite staff to produce a finished product that is 2nd to no-one in excellence.

Brickwork Restoration will do it better because we do care about the client, our work quality and the end result of the work that we are doing.”

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