Brickwork Restorations is now an officially approved installer to the Helifix range of products. Helifix has been established for over 30 years and available from Brickwork Restoration as your local representative right here in Australia.

All Helifix Approved Installers, including Brickwork Restorations undertake site surveys and ensure products are installed correctly to achieve their optimum performance. The products and installation are supported by insurance-backed warranties.

Brickwork Restorations works directly in conjunction with Helifix. Customers can be confident that their repairs are carried out using the latest techniques to obtain an efficient, reliable, cost-effective solution.

Call Mark Tink on 0418 829 007 and he will gladly discuss any options you may have with your project


“Customer Satisfaction is our goal. When we are awarded a contract it is the policy of this company and our onsite staff to produce a finished product that is 2nd to no-one in excellence.

Brickwork Restoration will do it better because we do care about the client, our work quality and the end result of the work that we are doing.”

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