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Brick Restoration & Home Building/Renovations


Roofs, Gutters, Timberwork, Painting, landscaping seems to get all the attention..

Home Owners, Developers, and Investors will generally spend money on everything and anything other than `BRICKWORK` which in most cases is the main fabric of the structure.

The Brickwork is certainly the first thing that attracts the eye as the property is entered form the front gate / driveway and the key is put in the door.

Why Is This So?

Historically the brick restoration and weak mortar repair has been put in the `too hard` basket. Previous owners, handymen or unskilled tradespeople have often "had a go"  with incorrect tools, equipment and the wrong mortar mix. The result is almost always an unsightly mess.

"From discussion we have had over the years with owners and investors alike, they all agree that the capital outlay for the proper brickwork restoration is returned many times over with the increased capital value."

independent tests on our mortar confirm compliance with relevant Australian Standards and confirm our methods and products used will bring masonry work that is built with a non-compliant mortar up to a satisfactory level.

Recent High Profile Heritage Facade Tuckpointing Restoration

Our workmanship and techniques for Tuckpointing and Repointing of the Heritage Brickwork Facades listed below was supervised and approved from the start to the finish by high profile Heritage Architectural companies and the National Trust / Heritage Victoria.

Our history shows we have the infrastructure, staff and experience to undertakeTuckpointing and Repointing projects from the small Californian bungalow fronts to the largest of commercial building Tuckpointing or Repointing restorations.

The Tuckpointing and Repointing mortars we used are all Sympathetic to the Tuckpointing and Repointing requirements of the Heritage era – LIME RICH MORTAR.

Queen Victoria Market - Tuckpointing and Repointing the old reds, polychromite and Hawthorns to the main entrance(cnr. Victoria and Elizabeth st) and all of the Heritage facades in Deli Lane.

Dimmeys Richmond Store - Tuckpointing the Dimmeys store front on Swan st. Richmond – Full replacement of all of the red colored base mortar and black Tuckpointing.

Carlton Brewery - Tuckpointing the Brewery Maltstore frontage, on the block bordered by Victoria, Bouverie, Swanston and Queensbury st Carlton. The facade shown fronts Swanston st. and our work is also shown on the North facade of that building – Full replacement of all of the red colored base mortar and black Tuckpointing.

Myers Emporium - Tuckpointing the Myers original frontage on Lonsdale st City of Melbourne – Matching in with the original colored base mortar, with black and white Tuckpointing to suit the area as originally done.

Williamstown Town Hall – Tuckpointing the front facade.

Williamstown Masonic Lodge – Tuckpointing the front Facade.

As well as some years ago the Tuckpointing of Windsor and Prahran train stations.

While we have and continue to restore the Tuckpointing on hundreds of heritage home fronts around the whole of Victoria, many under the supervision of Heritage Victoria, the Tuckpointing and Repointing shown in these major projects is always on display with easy access for your inspection.

The following pages show the result that can be achieved using the correct tuckpointing and brick restoration tools, equipment and trades people.”

Mark Tink - Company Director

Is your mortar between your brick sandy and weak, worn and dirty?
Do you require Crack Repair, Rising Damp or Paint Stripping?

Over 200 new homes with weak mortar - repointing / restoration / repair

Hundreds of period buildings - tuckpointing / repointing, including traditional Lime Putty mixes

Clean just-laid appearance

Mortar repairs new & old houses

We hand wash our work daily. This means that there is no mortar joint damage from our washing process. Ie: A high water pressure acid wash on completion is not required

independent tests on our mortar confirm compliance with relevant Australian Standards and confirm our methods and products used will bring masonry work that is built with a non-compliant mortar up to a satisfactory level.

Mark Tink - Company Director

Tuck Pointing

Brickwork Restoration recognize that traditional mortars consisted of mainly lime putties and sand and we are experts in Lime Putty mortars for Heritage listed and overlay work.

We have also developed a Mortar Extrusion System of Repointing and Tuck Pointing mortar joints using modern materials and techniques. The superior bonding capabilities of our modified mortar, while still allowing the required water vapour transparency, allows for a full 20 year warranty providing that there are no ongoing dampness issues.

Note that in the Aust. Stds 3700 M1(heritage) mortars are recognized as unsuitable for any external work. The reason that they are specified in the restoration of Heritage brickwork is purely to maintain the same appearance as the mortar that was originally used. We have achieved that with the use of modern and far more durable and longer lasting products.

1/ Carefully cut back the existing mortar with 4 inch angle grinders(dust extraction units attached) and air chisels.
2/ Pressure wash to remove atmospheric grime from the brick face and any remaining original or other repointers mortar from the often uneven brick arises and any loose matter from the cut back mortar joint.
3/ Re fill those mortar joints with the appropriately coloured mortar and tool finish as close to flush with the brick face as possible. This means that our mortar is `feathered` in to the brickwork as closely as possible for that brickwork as it was originally done.
4/ Gauge and mark out every horizontal and vertical mortar joint which positions our Tuck Point lines. This allows us to position the Tuck Pointing as symmetrically as possible.
5/ Tape up for the horizontal Tuck Point lines allowing for whatever width line was originally used or has been specified. Fill and tool smooth those lines and then repeat for the vertical joints.
6/ Hand wash the finished wall face with slow running water and specific cleaning pads. This also removes any burr type edges from the base mortar and Tuck Pointing.

Our methods combined with a workforce of permanent full time long term employees means that we are generally more cost efficient than the traditional methods and are capable of completing large works far quicker while maintaining a high standard finish that closely matches the skill of the original Tuck Pointer.

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Complete Helifix System Overview


helifixapprovedfree quote button 150x150Helifix repair and reinforcement products, with their concealed non-disruptive installation techniques, help to preserve our built environment. Brickwork Restorations will secure and strengthen all masonry structures, from houses and offices to factories and heritage sites.

The process is non-disruptive and concealed repair techniques and strategies enable the repair and strengthening of existing masonry to be done sympathetically, avoiding expensive rebuilding and sustaining the existing structure environment.

Brickwork Restoration, as a Authorised Helifix Installer, uses HELIFIX solutions to provide a seamless resolution for cracked walls, structural instability & unstable footings. The costs of rebuilding simply by repairing existing structures are reduced immensely when compared to rebuilding.

Immediate Long Term Fix to any Structural Cracks to internal or external walls combined with our Free Site Inspection & Quote before any work is commenced. All repairs are covered by our written guarantee. 


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