To Tuckpoint, brick mortar joints are filled with a mortar that is similar in colour to the brick face. The mortar is flushed flat with the brick face and pushed into any imperfections of the brick edge and surface. The Tuck Pointing mix is then applied in a symmetrical form that suits proper brick sizing in a pattern that suits the style of that building or in general the brick bond type that the Architect was or is trying to achieve.

Modern homes and buildings where the main fabric of the brick structure is exposed face brick are built in Stretcher Bond. One row of bricks showing the full length face of the brick is laid on top of the next with the vertical or perpendicular joint ½ way across the brick below. Heritage buildings are most likely to be built in English Bond, Flemish Bond or Garden Wall Bond.

The reason for this is because in that Heritage era, the wall thickness was based on the finished height required. They were multiple skins thick, ¼ bond was the strongest method of tying the skins of brickwork together.

English Bond is where there is one row of Stretchers with a row of Headers where the brick end is laid on top of the stretchers. This is laid in ¼ bond which is created by the use of a 55mm or 165mm brick piece laid directly against the header of the corner brick. English, Flemish and Garden wall bonds are variations of English Bond. Where cracking has appeared thru the bricks and mortar joints, those cracks can be repaired and the cracked bricks replaced.

Re-doing the Tuckpointing is an ideal method of repairing those cracks. The finished result is the appearance of never having had an issue with movement and cracking in the brickwork. Brickwork and brick wall restoration gives a `Just Built` finish rather than a just repaired look.


“Customer Satisfaction is our goal. When we are awarded a contract it is the policy of this company and our onsite staff to produce a finished product that is 2nd to no-one in excellence.

Brickwork Restoration will do it better because we do care about the client, our work quality and the end result of the work that we are doing.”

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